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Scale and enhance your regulatory and marketing document production

As the leading fund document production vendor in Europe, producing over 600,000 documents each year and serving financial institutions for almost three decades, we utilise our strong partnerships with template issuers and regulators to advocate for changes that will benefit our clients. 

Our technology facilitates flexible, transparent, automated and compliant document production in up to 35 languages. 

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Tackle growing document production challenges with our scalable solution

Successful fund marketing, factsheets, ESG report and regulatory document production is highly dependent on accurate and consistent fund data, document production know-how, and a scalable and efficient end-to-end process, supported by technology.

Proven expertise is especially important as it guides best practice for our clients. Seemingly minor choices, such as the format of documents, can have a substantial impact on your organisation and potentially disrupt the timely delivery of mandatory publication of your fund documents. 

Our centralised document production platform, accessible via the Fund Information Hub, offers automation and scalability to streamline a traditionally cumbersome process, ensuring the accuracy of data and providing output flexibility. 

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  • Data excellence

    We validate and verify your data to ensure its accuracy. any inconsistencies and omissions are promptly rectified to prevent any errors from appearing in the final output documents. 

  • Digitalisation & automation

    Adopting FE fundinfo’s data and technology-led automated solution for regulatory and marketing document production minimises manual handling of data and the associated risks of data siloes and complex vendor management.

  • Comprehensive solution

    At FE fundinfo, data is at the heart of everything we do. Our ISO accredited data processing teams check and validate requisite data as part of the collection process to ensure all static, dynamic and regulatory fund data is complete and accurate before they flow through our document production platform, and are distributed out to the market.

  • Flexible tool

    Brand consistency drives the growth and recognition of leading global brands. Our configuration tool gives you the flexibility and control to design your key information document templates with a consistent output and in your desired format, whether in PDF or interactive HTML for greater digital engagement.


How we support you

Marketing Document Production

As a fund marketer, you need the ability to produce accurate and reliable fund marketing documents such as factsheets, bulletins and ESG reports to deliver key fund information to your investors in a transparent and easy to understand format.

Producing these documents in-house can be debilitating and bear the inherent risk of human error. 

Our expert, automated tools, backed by data and document production professionals, enhance your manual processes and provide precise and prompt output to your selected recipients.

  • Mitigated risks
  • Operational excellence
  • End-to-end solution
  • Consistent output

Regulatory Document Production

Regulation is always one of the top challenges for asset managers with the constant flow of new rules and requirements which, often, aren't easy to interpret. Staying compliant means dealing with a myriad of tasks from understanding jurisdictional divergence across countries, even within the EU, considering a variety of languages, document types and disclosures, formats and deadlines.

We deliver more than 600,000 documents annually for our clients. Our Document Production capabilities are fully integrated with our end-to-end Data Management processes to ensure the delivery of consistent, accurate and timely fund information. 

  • Accurate data
  • Transaction cost calculations
  • Automated SRI monitoring and alerting
  • KID and KIID translations
  • 10 year historical trail and archive

Regulatory Data Template Production

One of many challenges of fund data management lies in fragmentation of the ecosystem – there are several parties and little consistency in how they share fund data between them. 

Furthermore, the ever-evolving regulatory landscape demands the distribution of more data points than ever before, requiring constant and frequent transmission to market players, such as distributors and regulators. 

Our Regulatory Data Template production capability minimises the burden of changing regulation for our clients whilst ensuring their fund data is ready to be distributed accurately and consistently to all relevant parties. 

  • Data management
  • Digitalisation & automation
  • Transparency and analytics
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Scalable function


We scale and enhance the production of your regulatory and marketing documents

Our dedicated data and technology teams produce over 600k regulatory documents every year. Our document production expertise delivers consistent outputs configured for your unique business needs and disclosure requirements.

Paul Ronan

Chief Technology Officer at FE fundinfo

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